My coaching career started to rise in 2015 when I came to play in Hong Kong.In 2015 I started to work for Arsenal school in China as Regional Head Coach for boys and girls age 4 to 19.Grassroots football give me opportunity to bring my coaching to higher level and helped me to find my target as a coach.I was head of Deveolpment and Organization program of 36 biggest cities in China that worked under name and organization of FC Arsenal Soccer School with more than 50.000 kids participating in program.In 2017 and 2018 I also was Head coach to PolYear 2005/06 I became founder and owner of soccer school “Fenix” in Belgrade,Serbia. I was coaching kids u8 to u15. This was my first touch with coaching and in next two years I learned basics of youth training.In next period of my life, my professional soccer player career took me to many places. On this journey I used every spare moment to join local Academy program and learn about coaching.In 2012 I got UEFA level “C” certification and in 2014 UEFA level “B” certification.y University women soccer team in Hong Kong. This was great experience for me as young coach, this helped me a lot in learning and improving my personal coaching skills.In period from 2015 to 2020 I worked with ages, from U4 to age U23, and in these five years I’ve gained a lot of experience that helped me to get to senior level coach.I use my time also to finished Elite Youth A Uefa level biggest license for Youth Academy football. In season 2016/2017 I started to work for FC Eastern District (Hong Kong First division - 2 nd tear competition) as senior team Head coach. My goal was to promote young players and give them chance to go from youth team to senior team and help them to achieve their goals. We finished the season on 5 th position and we became known to people as youngest team. Most of the season we played in formation 1-4-4-2 because of the type of players we had in team at the moment.Through next seasons 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 I stayed with the team and still worked as coach in Arsenal Soccer School.In season 2019/2020 I got offer from FC Tai Po (champion in Hong Kong PremierLeague at the moment). By accepting this offer I became youngest Head Coach in Asian Champion League and AFC cup group stage. This was tremendous opportunity for me and I was ready for it. Team got rewards such as Best player;Best goal keeper for several months in a row and as well best Coach of the month in Hong Kong Premier League and we did not lose for 8 game straight (almost 90days). We promoted few young players who became senior players in Nationalteam of Hong Kong. We played in 1-4-2-3-1 formation all season with high pressure on opponent in their zone and with fast transition of ball through wings and striker directly attacking opponent. Result was great, team was winning games and team presented me as talented coach in Hong Kong and Asia.Unfortunately, Corona virus made all our lives hard in 2020 and for my club aswell. Club has bankrupt and left Premier League.I used this free time to finish UEFA Elite Youth level “A” license, January 2021, I also applied for my UEFA Pro Level license and now I am waiting for next challenge in my coach career.

Coach need learn every day is my moto and some like time i was player how much you give your salf to ground and to the team that how much you will get back i alweys like to pley offansive football so we most use formation like 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 with fast transformation od ball and from defence to offence stile.

My vision of young player in modern football today:There is no young and old player in modern football : there is only player with discipline and salf improve working habit last today.. Keep working all time..... 
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