But situation change from first game in February and Sapling Cup where we play 4 games in that month with result of 3 draw game and 1 win ( vs best team and unbeaten team in season until that moment R&F )

March we start our way in FA Cup 

First game vs Lee Man in 1/8 final was regular time finished 2-2 and we win it on penalty even i think should to be our win in Regular time but was more sweet like this because Lee Man FC was win all games in season and cup before this game we win them back.
Some situation repeat in 1/4 final vs Southern District where we win game 4-1 and win game also first time this season vs Southern so we come Semi Final to play vs R&F.

Semi Final game was hard and we have our chance to win it in extra time especially because after 1-1 in regular time of 90 min ( where we miss 2 clear chance to win game ) in extra time we score for 2-1 and was moment we all think we can really win R&F again.But they are great team , richest team , best player money can buy in this moment and they score back for 2-2 in second part extra time so game need to be decide on penalty's.

Penalty are lottery and luck and was on their side so we lost game 7-5 after penalty.


I think progress of team in seen by all ; we are unbeaten team now already 6 games in row and almost 80 days in all competition what i think is big success for team and me as coach ! 

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